Ignite the Fire Within Weekend

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Three Steps to Personal Power

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 Step 1.  FEAR INTO POWER:  
   Firewalking-Realizing Your Unlimited Potential  Friday 6:30 pm-1:00 am

 Saturday -

Full Day & Evening

Sunday -

Full Day & Evening

   Achieving Your Visions
   Creating Unlimited Energy

Through groundbreaking techniques in harnessing the power of your mind/body connection, you will learn practical methods for creating exactly what you want. We have synthesized and condensed for you the most useful technologies from the personal development field for peak performance and personal success. Through whole brain accelerated learning techniques including NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), visualization, movement and unconditional love & support, you'll assimilate information quickly into your nervous system and subconscious where mastery becomes spontaneous and automatic.

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The Firewalk Experience
Are you willing to step into a new level of possibility for yourself?! Join the over 500,000 people who have shared this experience and continue to receive the benefits in their lives of overcoming limiting belief systems.

Achieving Your Visions
Have you organized your life around what matters most to you? This program gives you the skills to identify and focus on the goals you are most passionate about, take strategic actions, experience the compelling power and joy of doing what matters most to you and achieving your visions.
Creating Unlimited Vitality
A comprehensive yet simple system of nutrition, exercise, breath, and meditation to create a balanced, high energy, healthy, relaxed life-style. It's a unique combination of ancient practice and modern research, utilizing the knowledge and techniques of naturopathic medicine, natural hygiene, food combining, cleansing, visualization, yoga, breathwork (rebirthing), and aerobic exercise.

You Will Learn...

To transform your fears into unstoppable personal power.

How to harness this power to create results that you thought to be "impossible".

To break through past limitations.

How to access your unlimited potential.

To integrate the full capacity of the mind and body to achieve seemingly unattainable results.

Models of creating that you can apply to your life to attain exactly what you want.


You Will Learn...

How to condition yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally for success in every area of your life.

How to create instant rapport, better communication, trust and intimacy with others.

To develop and trust your intuition.

To identify and accomplish your goals.

A 5-minute visualization to ensure you attain the results you want every day.

How to transform painful disempowering emotions into uplifting empowering ones.

How to create unconditional love & community in your life.

 You Will Learn...

How to dramatically increase your energy level.

How to sustain a virtually unlimited supply of energy.

Secrets of longevity, total health and vitality.

The underlying causes of all disease and states of health.

How to heal the causes rather than symptoms of stress and disease.

How to create relaxed intensity.

To break bricks and boards and bend steel with your bare hands using little strength or effort.


"Firewalking is a metaphor for a new way of walking through life. Scientists say we use 5% of our brains. What would our lives be like if we used the other 95%? I train people how to use and expand all their abilities and reclaim power over their lives."
- Jon Cotton

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CallThe Fire Within Seminars:

(510) 653-FIRE (3473) for info and to reignite the fire within.


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