The Fire Within Weekend

This weekend is an experience of love. Although the weekend is about transforming our fears into sources of personal ower, going beyond our apparent limits and creating our hearts desires (even those that appear impossible) - benefits that are realized and surpassed even during the first evening - it can't begin to describe the feelings of connection, intimacy and unconditonal love we experience as we live and play together during the weekend.

The groups are always amazed at how much we pack into one weekend, combining philosophy, technique and practice. Philosophy - so you can expand and realign your core beliefs into harmony with your passions, purpose and identity. Techniques - that you can remember and apply easily to attract the peace, happiness and richness you deserve in your life. Practice - with each other, many heart opening processes that allow you to tap into your source and express your inner grace and beauty, making everything practical, real and alive.

Friday evening focuses on new models of creating that which you most desire. It's an energizing evening combining stories, information, visualization, singing, drumming, dancing and accelerated learning techniques to help you step out of your everyday reality and into a new level of possibility. It includes a firewalk ritual - an initiation or rite of passage - which is such a peak group experience it won't matter if you actually walk across or not. Although, most realize they can do it, and do...easily.

Saturday morning begins with a group breathwork rebirthing process. After Friday night and this beautiful process, the group is in love - magically tranformed into a supportive, unconditionally loving, functional family. This brings forth a sense of community and intimacy that is increasingly rare in our fast-paced society. Many of us yearn for more permission to let our defenses down and connect with people at a deeper level. We find strength in our vulnerability, power in our openness and willingness to be fully seen, and healing in our ability to nurture and embrace each other safely, respectfully, with compassiona and total acceptance.

We continue with processes to create instant or deeper rapport and trust and change difficult emotions to empowering ones. The evening is another fun supportive group challenge where we learn to break boards and bricks with our bare hands, bend steel with our necks and a surprise challenge. Sunday combines information on nutrition, creating maximum energy and vitality, meditation and energy work tools, yoga, and numerous processes to open your heart and soul to yourself and others.

Give yourself the gift of this experience - one you will always remember as a turning point. I know you'll find it a quantum leap toward living your dreams. Call now and ignite your fire within!

In peace and passion,

Jon Cotton

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