What People Are Saying
About Jon Cotton's Events

"Very inspirational and motivating. Jon is not only the best Firewalking teacher, he is a powerful motivating speaker as well. You don't have to walk on coals to experience The Fire Within. Just being there and feeling the energy of the group can be just enough. I relate this to a man and woman having a baby. She actually experiences having the baby, but he feels the same energy from this experience also. Thank you once again." - Kelly Kap, Independent Marketer
"I can feel totally free... I am empowered beyond my wildest dreams! Excellent - he's able to cut right to the point - the heart of what life is truly about." - Cathy Ochs, Medical Assistant
"It opens your eyes to new opportunities. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. It revitalized my belief in miracles." - Mike Bullen, Chief Financial Officer
"The feeling of everyone here. Their support and love...is empowering. Jon was down to earth and inspiring." - Carol Berandi, Network Marketer
"I am grateful for your gift of giving and emptying yourself so that others may be able to be filled up. I can honestly say that it has been such a long time that I have woken up with so much energy and enthusiasm for the day." - Dawn Davis, Physical Therapist
"On the walk this year I would have to say that the most touching and moving experience I had was in seeing a nine year old girl being part of this fantastic experience and opening herself to the real wonder and magic that is part of this life, instead of closing off and starting to build the barriers of disbelief that I myself started to make at around that age and am only now at 46 starting to undo. This sight brought tears of joy to my eyes and a lightness to my heart that is hard to describe. (Jon) has helped to show me a way for my life to change and transform into something beautiful. I cannot think of any way that I can ever really pay him back for that, other than to pass this gift on to all who will listen." - Don Sands, Computer Tech Support
"The most touching experience was the bond of happiness and positive energy everyone shared. I can go forth with a positive and healthy attitude. Awesome!" - Orlando Abreu, NYCTA Dispatcher
"I can't imagine it any better! I feel transformed and catapulted into a new reality." - Lourdes Pollock, Exercise Physiologist
"Jon Cotton is awesome! His ability to get people 'out of the box' is so much needed in today's society. 99.9% of mankind needs this training. Our world perpetuates mediocrity and limitation. People need to realize that it is very simple to change." - Kevin Kearns, Marketing
"Jon is a sincere, inspirational man and I thoroughly enjoyed how he taught the seminar. (I was) unable to stop talking about it...I want to tell the world and share my excitement." - Noreen Seeders, Network Marketing
"It was a life changing, emotional experience for me. The last time I was as proud of my accomplishment was 14 years ago at the birth of my daughter." - Debra Mouton, Marketing Agent
"Now I know I can do anything." - Eileen Ammiavo, Marketing Associate
"...enlightening! And because it's conducted in a gentle and non-threatening environment, the seminar opens up a person's mind." - Luba Osada, Marketing Coordinator
"The entire seminar was a "peak" experience. I can't remember ever feeling so energized at such a high level for such a long period of timetruly a heart opening experience." - Lorrie Hanke, entrepreneur
"Very personal, not like a lecture or seminar, but like an experience together." - Lewis Falwell, Quality Control Technician
"The love and connection with people will stay with me forever. Jon is a very dynamic speaker. He kept me attentive the whole time for 7 hours. This...seminar...will change your life forever." - Julio Toribio, 7th degree Blackbelt, Seibukan Jujitsu Founder
"I have gained a degree of compassion, acceptance, and understanding for my fellow man that I didn't possess before. Impeccable. It's an incredibly fulfilling and positive experience. It was without a doubt the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. It was small enough to develop a level of intimacy that I don't believe I have ever experienced with a group of people before in my life. The weekend was 'electrifying'. I was able to get a glimpse of myself as I strive to be, the person I am attempting to evolve into. That was very inspiring for me. I saw myself exuding total self-confidence and love, in a state of harmony with the world. There was an aura of warmth, love and intimacy in that room that I really don't think I've ever experienced before. I will never forget without a doubt the most incredible weekend of my life." - Rex White, Stationary Engineer
"I expect to live a limitless healthy abundant life with high energy! To use what I learned to help others change their lives!" - Cathy Myers, Massage Therapist
"Outstanding!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and God bless!" - Renea C.Stewart, Network Marketing
"It awakened and rescued my husband from couch potato status. It may save a marriage. Jon is a powerful, energetic, polished speaker and leader." - Diane Kaufman, Motivational Speaker
"I have so much respect and admiration for what he does for people." - Kimberly Brickei, Massage Therapist
"Jon is energetic and an energy-giving person. He has a humane style of transferring knowledge to help us achieve the best and being our true selves. It is a life changing seminar." - Saleh Aldossary, Student
"The enormity of heart and soul you put into creating and manifesting the vision of this past weekend were just amazing. Every single detail was orchestrated to perfection. (It was) truly an honor to be part of your brilliant creation. Thank you for the divine gift of your Ignite The Fire Weekend. It was indeed above and beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. I am so grateful that I can now carry your gracious gift of love and light into the world." - Anne Ewing, Homemaker

For more info: Call Jon Cotton at The Fire Within, Inc. at 510-653-FIRE (3473)
or e-mail: info@thefirewithin.com