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Total Health Secrets, our sister site, is the premier source of 1) alternative health information to educate you in making effective choices in health and lifestyle; and 2) products designed to significantly improve your health, energy & restore optimum weight, and 3) Free expert advise!
Included are:
• Natural Organic Living Foods, including tasty crackers & treats!
• Kitchen Appliances
• Herbal Cleansing Programs: colon, liver, candida, parasite
• Nutrient Dense Whole Food Supplements
• Health Equipment
• Alternative Health Books
• Free Health Newslettera
Gourmet Raw Food Delivery Service: Available in San Francisco, Marin & Berkeley area from... InBloom Foods. Liz & Anthony are wonderful new friends of mine. Their living food meals are the best I've had, including Roxanne's Restaurant. They recently catered my last workshop and everyone loved it. Their recipes are much lighter than most raw food restaurants and yet exquisite! It's so great to have a service that delivers to your doorstep.
Avalon Institute - offers national seminars in clairvoyance, healing, meditation, spiritual abilities & tools for intuition as well as clairvoyant readings & spiritual counseling.

Develop your Intuition and your creative gifts! Psychic teleconference classes and intuitive readings with Jennifer Baltz, at Jennifer has been offering great readings for over 12 years. She also teaches beginning meditation, clairvoyance, spiritual healing, and creativity development in classes and in one-on-one coaching.
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E/The Environmental Magazine - Covering the Global Village to Your Backyard - a "clearinghouse" of information, news and resources for people concerned about the environment who want to know "What can I do?" to make a difference. E covers everything environmental - from recycling to rain forests, and from the "personal to the political" - all with contact information so you can research topics further or plug into efforts to turn the tide. E follows the activities and campaigns of a broad spectrum of environmental organizations. Plus, E's GREEN LIVING section provides readers with loads of practical ideas for living lightly on the Earth. Subscribe Now or Order a Free Trial Issue.
SUSTAINABLE WORLD SYMPOSIUM Join national leaders in a weekend, hands-on exploration of local solutions to global issues of environmental destruction, social injustice and economic inequality. May, 2006.
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