What if you could unleash your unlimited potential?
What if you had the power to shape your Destiny?


You have within you the passion and vision to make your dreams a reality. This is true whether you desire more prosperity and career sucess, more intimacy, love and connection with friends and loved ones, or you want to make more of a positive difference in the world.

Passion without vision is wasted energy.
Vision without passion is an unfulfilled daydream.

When you combine your passion and vision,
you tap into a power few people know . . . and all desire.

You can reawaken your passion and rediscover and focus your dreams easily and effectively with training and coaching. You'll find here some profound resources to help you manifest your desires and Ignite your Fire Within.

Wishing you great love, wisdom & power,

I can feel totally free... I am empowered beyond my wildest dreams! Excellent - he's able to cut right to the point - the heart of what life is truly about.
— Cathy Ochs, Medical Assistant

Jon Cotton is awesome! His ability to get people out of the box is so much needed in today's society. 99.9% of mankind needs this training.
— Kevin Kearns, Marketing

The entire seminar was a 'peak' experience. I can't remember ever feeling so energized at such a high level for such a long period of time truly a heart opening experience.
—Lorrie Hanke, Entrepreneur

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