Unlimited Vitality II
Advanced Topics:
Ancient Secrets of Super Health

Saturday, Jan. 8th in Emeryville, CA
(with Gourmet Living Foods Lunch served by InBloomFoods.com)

Special Topics to be covered:

Raw Foods/Sunfood Triangle - New Info!
Fruit vs. Fat

Macrobiotic and Body Type Systems
Teeth & Heavy Metals
Essential oils
Muscle Testing
Ph & alkalinity
Solar Gazing
Steps to Unlimited Vitality
The Path of Excellence

This is exciting new information I couldn't share with you until you were grounded in the knowledge from the first workshop or 6-CD set. Now that you have experienced and had some time to assimilate the first workshop, I have more profound information and tools to share with you! This is your chance to acquire hidden wisdom & treasured secret knowledge historically available only to royalty & spiritual masters and take a leap into super health and energy.

You already know the truth about the real causes of health and disease. But the programming of our "disease care" system is strong and sometimes the old addictions resurface. We need all the support we can get to constantly re-enforce our new knowledge and commitment toward extraordinary health. Sometimes we know what to do, but donít do what we know. Come join us for a recharge and some powerful new tools!

This Advanced Workshop is a half-day, followed by an amazing gourmet lunch, so we have much more time to ask questions, socialize and network. We need to support each other on this path!

Dates & Location

When: Saturday, January 8, 2005, 10am - 2pm
Location: Emeryville, CA

Prerequisite: Attended 1st Unlimited Vitality Workshop or
purchased & listened to 6-CD Workshop

Investment: $35 advance payment by Dec. 30th, or
$40 at the door, plus optional $20 for the gourment lunch.

Contact: Total Health Secrets, (510) 653-5050
Limited Space: Sign up NOW!

A delicious gourmet living foods lunch served by InBloomFoods.com is available for an additional fee of $20 (in advance).

Jon Cotton is the CEO of Total Health Secrets. He has studied health and nutrition extensively and has modeled what he has learned in his own life. Jon healed himself from a lifetime of chronic fatigue with the information he shares. He has helped over 12,000 people go through his health program with amazing results. He also integrates an energetic understanding of the body from 15 years as a teacher of meditation, intuition and clairvoyance. Jon has synthesized his research into a simple system which is easy to understand and apply.

RSVP: Call Jon Cotton at The Fire Within, Inc. at 510-653-5050
or e-mail: info@thefirewithin.com