Meditation &
Self-Healing Tools


Practical uses in daily life for
inner harmony & outer success.

January 15-16th - Sat. & Sun., 10-6 pm

You Will Learn To:am

• Be centered, balanced & at ease.
• Meditate for stress release, self-healing & to find your own answers.
• Manage your energy for optimum physical and emotional health with psychic
   tools you can use in your everyday life.
• Experience the chakras, aura & energy flows in the body.
• Change & heal negative thoughts, emotions & energy.
• Create and manifest from thought form.
• Trust your intuition/6th sense & discern your truth in any situation.
• Improve communication & define boundaries.

• Protect yourself from judgements, negativity or control.
• "Read" & interpret mental images, colors & thoughts - clairvoyance.
• Connect with source, divine wisdom, the God within.
• Visualize and meditate pragmatically in whatever time allows including:
   "The One-Minute Meditation."

January 15-16th - Sat. & Sun., 10-6 pm

in Emeryville, CA
Limited enrollment. $150 by Dec 30th
; $175 at door

To register: Call Jon Cotton at The Fire Within, Inc. at 510-653-FIRE (3473)
or e-mail: